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Josh is one of the top instructors in the game. He thoroughly understands both impact and swing shape. Each student working with him can expect results....a better swing and an improved ball flight.

Jim Hardy National PGA Teacher of the Year
Author of The Plane Truth, Plane Truth Master Class and Solid Contact

Josh Zander quite simply gets its, regardless of your swing style, he understands it and the principles that make it work….but most importantly he will help YOU understand it! That is the recipe for success that his students continue to see over and over again.

Joe Hallet Director of Instruction for the PGA of America Learning Center

If you are looking to work with one of the best instructors in America then I recommend Josh Zander. In order to become a successful professional golfer it is so important to be surrounded by the best coaches possible. One session with Josh and you will realize that we are lucky to have such a world-class instructor so close to home.

Zack Miller PGA Tour Member
All American at Stanford University

Josh Zander is among the most innovative thinkers about the teaching of golf today. He uses images and swing thoughts that click with golfers who want to play better.

Jerry Tarde Editor in Chief
Golf Digest Magazine

Josh has a tremendous knowledge of the game, great for beginners to advanced players alike. His easy style, patience, and sense of humor make his sessions personalized and enjoyable.

Jerry Yang Founder, Yahoo! Inc.

Josh’s aptitude as a sophisticated golf instructor is well known and unmatched. In addition, he is a master of constructing fun and educational golf outings. On several occasions I have asked him to develop a format and instructional program for groups of 4-8 friends or business associates. Venues have ranged from great golf courses to a string of exclusive private holes. Josh’s creativity and style made these events the highlights of every guests golf year.

Michael Goldberg Executive Chairman, CareDx.

Josh is truly one of the best instructors/coaches in the country. He is very knowledgeable about the wonderful game of golf and is a passionate, deliberate teacher. He continues to be a dedicated student of the history and game of golf and is constantly updating his own knowledge base. He has really helped me not only with the fundamentals of the golf swing, but also with the many other aspects of the game too, including the short game, putting, shotmaking, course management, and the mental game.

George J. Still, Jr. Managing Partner
Norwest Venture Partners

Josh Zander is one of the premier instructors in the West. Josh is able to relate the technical elements of the golf swing in a very understandable and simple way. His understanding of what works with his students is top notch.

Conrad Ray Men’s Golf Coach
Stanford University

Josh has the talent and demeanor to work with groups of high-powered, type A students. He has lead group clinics successfully for my group, and I would highly recommend him for corporate outings. He can teach both proper swing techniques, as well as effective emotional approaches to mastering the game of golf.

Mike Orsak Managing General Partner, Worldview Technology Partners, and Event Chairmen,
Western Association of Venture Capitalists

Josh has made learning golf from scratch a rewarding and enjoyable experience. His vast technical knowledge, great skill, and wonderful perspective on the game have helped to turn apprehension into appreciation, frustration into fun.

Michael Boskin Stanford Economics Professor

Josh Zander is a truly extraordinary teacher. He brings to bear a unique combination of incredible insight into all aspects of the game of golf, a superb ability to communicate and a genuine desire to see his students learn and improve. It is a pleasure to have the opportunity to work with him.

John G. Quigley Princeton, New Jersey

Josh helped me realize new techniques and ways of thinking about my swing that I'd never given a chance before. His swing tips are insightful and helped me better understand the golf swing.

 Lauren Kim 1st Team All American at Stanford 2016
#1 player on the 2015 NCAA Champion Stanford Golf Team

Josh has an incredible understanding of and eye for the golf swing. What makes him such a great teacher is his ability to effectively communicate a complex movement in a simple and succinct manner. Consequently, Josh has had a very high success rate with the collegiate players with whom he has worked. More importantly, Josh is a great coach. He competed at a high level and, therefore, understands what it takes to be successful as a tournament PLAYER...separating "golf swing" from "playing golf".

 Caroline O'Conner Women's Golf Coach
Stanford University

Josh understands the golf swing and, more importantly, the needs of his students. Not only does he make you feel comfortable about your game but gives you the confidence to improve it. His devotion to golf makes him a wonderful teacher.

 Ron Kaspriske Associate Editor
Golf Digest Magazine

Josh Zander is a great golf instructor and a great contributor to a group event. He teaches clearly and positively, focusing on the stuff that really matters -- no unnecessary swing thoughts to confuse (or paralyze) his students. He's also been a great draw for group events, sharing his considerable skills in a low-key manner with our clients and ensuring that they leave more pleased with their golf games and more motivated to play better.

 Paul Chamberlain Managing Director
Morgan Stanley

I have taken lessons from many well respected golf professionals in the past, however, I have found Josh to be the best of the best. He was able to simplify and implement changes in my swing that others were not able to do. More importantly, he focuses on the game as a whole knowing the swing is just one part of the game that we all love. By doing so he has made the game so much more enjoyable for me - and my scores have reflected just that.

 Paul T. Odland Belveron Real Estate Partners

Josh is a great student and teacher of the game. His capabilities as an instructor are only surpassed by his qualities as a person. With Josh's help not only has my game improved but also my understanding of golf and why the ball does what it does. I'm very lucky you to have Josh as my teacher and my friend.

 Thomas Laffont Senior Managing Director at Coatue Management

Josh is an incredible teacher and student of the game of golf. He brings decades of experience as a player and world class teacher to each and every lesson. Be prepared to learn, to improve and to discover the joy of golf.

 Ron Johnson Founder and CEO of Enjoy

A huge advantage to Josh is that he is constantly interacting with some of the top teachers on the PGA Tour, and Josh flies to the top national teaching events. For me, it is comforting to know that Josh is absorbing the latest golf swing, golf training/drills, golf strength, and golf mental strategies that are yielding the best results on the PGA Tour, tour, and in top college programs.

 Brian Avery Avery Ventures

Josh is an outstanding professional. He is able to communicate clearly the fundamentals of the golf swing. He is also great at following up with the students and really cares about improving their game.

 George Roberts Co-Founder of Kohlberg Kravis Roberts (KKR)

Josh connects with his students. One of my favorite experiences is hiring him for the day or multiple days to work on my entire game. Josh takes a wholistic approach so going on a trip with Josh where he can see my game on the course allows him to truly understand how to coach me. The results have been amazing and lots of fun.

 Andrew Wilson CEO of EA Sports

Josh is whip smart, up to date about the most current state of the art information about the game, and is one of the most caring and conscientious people you could ever find.

As a teacher at Stanford myself for 25+ years, I know that individuals definitely have different ways of learning (golf or anything else), but there must be reasons that some teachers are particularly special and somehow resonate with a wide variety of students, each with different learning styles. Josh starts with a very clear framework that completely demystifies golf. He then goes to the next level and helps you understand where YOU fit into that framework, and works with you to devise a plan to attack your weaknesses, and starts with the one or two things to work on that will be the highest yield for you in terms of results/improvement based on effort you put in. Finally, he works with you to help you FEEL the things you are working on so that you can own them yourself.

 Alex Gould Venture Capitalist and Stanford Instructor in Economics
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