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Breaking 80: Eliminate sidespin on greenside bunker shots
Created on 10/1/2006 12:00:00 AM

There's more than one way to hit a golf ball from Point A to Point B. Being creative with your shot selection will give you confidence to hit any shot, and it also will get you out of the mode of trying to perfect your swing while you play. If you want to break 80, think more about how you want the ball to travel to the target and less about the swing.

Eliminate sidespin on greenside bunker shots

On a standard bunker shot, where you cut across the ball with an open face, you impart a lot of sidespin on the ball. As a result, you never know how it will react when it lands. The bunker shot I'm hitting here allows you to set up with a square stance and clubface, and hit a lofted shot with no sidespin. Play the ball forward and lean the shaft away from the target to expose the club's bounce. On the downswing, keep the clubhead ahead of your hands, and slide it under the ball. It'll come out high, with no sidespin. A few sandies can put a 79 within reach.

Golf Digest October 2006


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