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6 Short-game Solutions for Saving Par - Dealing with an elevated green
Created on 1/1/2009 12:00:00 PM

Dealing with an elevated green

When you have a short shot to an elevated green, your No. 1 goal should be distance control. If you don't hit the ball far enough, it might end up rolling back down the hill, stopping at your feet. And because you can't see the cup, it's much harder to rely on feel to get the ball to fly the correct distance. In this situation, you need to play the percentages and go with the least risky shot. The bump-andrun is the play, because pitching the ball to the hole requires a much more precise swing.

How to: First, club selection: Take a less-lofted club, nothing higher than a 7-iron. Set up with your weight and clubshaft leaning toward the target, and maintain that hands-ahead position through impact (left). The quicker you can get the ball on the ground, the better. The ball should bounce a few times before rolling onto the green.

Golf Digest January 2009


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