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Chip Tips - Pivot and turn
Created on 4/1/2008 12:00:00 AM

The Swing

Arms Back, Body Through

arms back, body through

The chip is different from a full swing: The body doesn't need to turn much on the backswing to generate enough power to execute the shot. Although you don't want an arms-only backswing, you need only a slight body turn. But as you start the club down, the body has to come to life to maintain the proper forward shaft lean. Pivot on your left leg as your chest turns toward the target. Also notice how my arms stay connected to my body (above). Your arms should rub against your midsection as you swing. This connection promotes consistency.

Let the Handle Win the Race

If I can give you just one thought to execute a chip shot, it's "quiet hands". Feel in chipping means distance control, and that's what you get from quiet hands. Relax your grip, and let your arms take the club back and your body rotation propel it through. That promotes solid contact. You should bend your right wrist slightly as you start the backswing (below, left) to set up the ideal descending angle into the ball, but that's the only independent hand movement you need.

On the downswing, the handle should win the race back to the ball as your body turns forward. After impact (below, center), the handle is closer to the target than the clubhead. Even during the follow-through, the clubshaft is basically in line with my left forearm (below, right). This means I let the club's loft get the ball in the air. I didn't try to scoop it with my hands.

let the handle win the race

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