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Chip Tips - It's all in the wrist
Created on 4/1/2008 12:00:00 AM

The Secret


it's all in the right wrist

don't flick your wrists at impact 

It's All In the Right Wrist

The secret to good chipping is a stable right wrist, and here's how to get one. First, pre-set the wrist in the ideal position: Bend it back a bit - look for wrinkles in the back of your right hand (above, center). Keep your wrist in this position throughout the swing; don't flick it at impact (above, left). Second, try the two-shaft drill. Set up and have a friend hold two shafts against your club about a foot apart (above, right). On the downswing, you want to hit the top shaft first with your club. If you hit the bottom shaft first, you didn't maintain the wrinkles in your right wrist. Third, keep the clubhead low through impact (left). To do this, you have to keep the right wrist stable, which helps ensure compression at impact and allows the club's loft to get the ball up.

Golf Digest April 2008


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