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A tribute to Ben Hogan - Hit it low, hit it high
Created on 12/1/2007 12:00:00 AM

A tribute to Ben Hogan

Hogan always said to bring the ball in low to back pins. Imagine a pane of glass that wraps around your body just below your shoulders. To hit a low shot, your club should go back and through below the pane of glass. The feeling is that you're swinging around your body. This shallow angle of attack will produce a low, boring ball flight.

Hit it low

hit it low

For front pins, Hogan said to bring it in high. To hit a higher shot, use the same imagery of a pane just below your shoulders. In this case, the top of the backswing and the finish should be high enough to stay above the glass. This creates a steep angle of approach into the ball, allowing you to hit down sharply and send the ball higher in the air.

Hit it high

hit it high

Golf Digest December 2007


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